I have long found photography compelling---an important, if episodic, counterpoint to the day jobs I had for over fifty years in academia, law, business, government and journalism. When I  traveled around the world, I always took my camera with me. After I was finished with meetings, I would often ask how I could spend several hours in the local market, rather than visit the Great Hall of the People's Revolution. Most images on this website were created over a 15 year period after I  switched from  film to digital (using various high-end Nikon single lens reflex cameras).  Some were taken on the move as I wandered across the globe; some when I had more time to set up and wait for subjects or light.

I am a self-taught amateur.  I have the modest hope that the viewer finds the images---alone or in juxtaposition ---visually interesting, and that they may stimulate unexpected thoughts or emotions. The photographs vary across many elements: composition, color, lighting, location, style, subject and technique, to name a few.  This variety is why I find so complex and rewarding the task of trying to capture a heightened moment with the camera. I offer this website with humility because there are so many highly skilled professional and amateur photographers.  As a person who has worked most of my life in a world of words, I have found great challenge---and deep pleasure---living a small part of my life in a world of images.